Music for 3/22/21!!! CHIKA, William Doyle, Dodie

@@@ CHIKA: Cinderella Part 1 (Warner, 2021) All three of today’s listens are from this week’s Line of Best Fit email. The odds are pretty high that a hip hop track called Cinderella is gonna have an annoying shit in it. It’s a hip hop trappish/dancefloor banger about pursuing an exotic woman while they smoke weed, of course they’re smoking! I like the rhyming, it’s very quick and precise with the verse outshining the chorus in my mind. It looks like Part 1 is more active and that track segues right into Part 2 but I’m not feeling motivated to hang for Part 2.

@@@ William Doyle: And Everything Changed (Tough Love, 2021) Comin’ on with a mopey 1980’s influenced synth/guitar combo platter the voice is applied like a yellow cheese to a Philly cheesesteak. A bit goopy and syrupy but integral to the formula. I like the chorus when he goes high vocally but it’s sounding a bit like Roxy Music on Oxy and I could barely take Roxy Music without the oxy. I love energy myself. A lot of fat synth chords and a pleasantly mangled guitar solo that comes off like a bowl of sticky rice noodles in a good way. Good parts: voice in the chorus and the guitar solo, the bad parts: a boring beat, a deficit in energy and the voice in the verse. That’s the view!

@@@ dodie: Hate Myself (doddleoddle, 2021) My first thought here is don’t hate yourself dodie, I’m sure you’re awesome when you don’t wear that awful hat shown in the video below. The production enforces the idea of confessional young woman’s pop music. Intimate and catchy at the same time. More stuff shows up for the chorus and it definitely trends mainstream with a half funky beat — that’s where the vocal hook hate myself shows up. Don’t hate yourself dodie! As the tune progresses more tracks of dodie’s singing show up and that’s a big turn off for me. I’m at the end and she’s practically a choir here there’s so much dodie to be had. It’s also a bit New Age-y and while I wouldn’t want to contribute to dodie’s self hatred I kinda hate the ideas behind constructing a song in this manner.

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