Music for 3/24/21!!! Chad Vangaalen, Lido Pimienta

@@@ Chad VanGaalen: Starlight (Sub Pop, 2021) Looking at the titles here we’re looking if not right in the eye of a hippie music record we are encountering a hippie influenced record. C’mon the second tune is called Flute Peace and the record is called Starlight! As the ambient intro fades away it does give way to a hippie drum chug with a midtempo laziness I like. The singer comes in and he’s rocking a quasi detached, somewhat psychedelic vocal style. The song is dominated by the singer and the drummer. There’s a guitar in there but it’s in back. Once they get to chorus involving the word starlight it’s an aspirational hippie thing. Standard non flashy guitar solo with a tearing tone. I sorta forgot about the bass player who does good work, not flashy but quietly melodic. So weird percussion and spacy sounds, a psych sing, a steady drummer, there you have it.

@@@ Lido Pimienta: Eso Que Tu Haces (Anti-, 2021) Off last week’s WRIR playlist email. A Latinx Canadian who has gotten prizes and praise. I dug her last record though there are times where her music flatters a bit too much. This tune is headphone candy with her beautiful voice in Spanish but also sporting a super fat bass sound I’m grooving alongside some shaker. When it gets to the chorus her voice and the synth based arrangement explodes. Some might say it could be too epic, I’m not sure where I stand on that. I like it a lot, appreciate the sounds and her singing but I’m not jumping up and down, I want to jump up and down.

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