Music for 3/19/21!!! Young Dolph, CJ

@@@ Young Dolph, Key Glock: Sleep with the Roaches (Empire, 2021) Highlighted by some super intricate faux classical piano keyboard runs, this is some piano driven trap celebrating pussy and fancy cars and discarding your old shit and getting all new shit. She a good girl but she a bad bitch and he got 10 cars in 2 different cities. He says used to sleep with the roaches and now he’s mad rich. I’m not sure why I find this repulsive, maybe because there should be a healthy point somewhere between sleeping with roaches and mindless fucking and driving around in yer fancy cars. I’m a fan of the bass sound, the rest of it I could wipe my ass with.

@@@ CJ: Whoopty NYC (Warner, 2021) Both of today’s listens are off Apple Music’s hot tracks section. I didn’t catch the original whoopty which I guess was huge last summer. I search around in the summer for tunes of the summer but I didn’t catch that one. This is one of those tracks where they re-pimp a big hit by find a couple of MCs to hit the mic with a lot of rando shout outs behind the main guy. It’s pretty pop trap though somebody came up with a tight bass sound. Salute me or shoot me that’s a good line. You don’t like me, fight me, so a couple of good lines. It’s a mixed bag here — a crowded mix with a bunch of voices ricocheting around against a driving bass sound and some good one liners. You could look at this as half a gold dancefloor banger or half trash, it depends on your point of view.

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