Music for 3/20/21!!! Genesis Owusu, Khalia, Tanya Stephens

@@@ Tanya Stephens: Good Good (Tad’s, 2021) I can’t find this on Apple Music so we’re stuck with the ol’ GooglePimpTube. More reggae which is great. More toasting than roots with an energetic singer who straddles the singing/rhyming fine line. I like this track — I don’t usually go for the electro dancehall business but this is tight. This is the best tune I heard today and Stephens works the mic with style. Check this out.

@@@ Genesis Owusu: Smiling with No Teeth (House Anxiety, 2021) A self-professed concept record that comes out with heavy D’Angelo vibes including the falsetto singing which I’m enjoying. The singer gives way to a spoken word section that I like less. I do like the sounds here and thankfully he only speaks his mind for a short while. Not that I’m against him speaking his mind, just I prefer the singing. The last 90 seconds turns into a singalong with multiple voices doing a black church choir of the chorus with a little extra guitar melody thrown in. I like this all right, I might even check it out more deeply. A few Prince feels and lot of D’Angelo.

@@@ Khalia: Free (K-Licious, 2021) Off this week’s WRIR weekly playlist email. A blend of old school roots reggae and more modern sounds/production. Most notably the vocal stacking in an r&b style and other small flourishes. Lyrics are of the concious style with the main theme presented the desire to be free. It’s a solid track with a full reggae rhythm wallop. I like it without loving it.

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