Music for 3/13/23!!! Peter Evans

@@@ Peter Evans: Being and Becoming (N/A, 2020) I got to this pretty fresh jazz record via a twat on the twatter, I like the idea of trumpet and vibes together. And it works right out of the gate. There are four long bangers here and one shorty with drums and bass rounding out the quartet. This second tune Wormhole is even better than the open, it crackles with sharp energy and synchronized playing between the trumpet and the vibe player. Joel Ross is the vibraphonist and I’ve heard his releases before, they’re a tad straighter than this record. I like this record, it’s got a great and proud feel to it, they’re just letting fly with the jazz and it lands where it may. You don’t have to be an intellectual or bearded hipster to enjoy this, it’s pretty visceral music, no degree required, they’re just doing their thing.

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