Music for 11/4/22!!! Psychonaut, Ripped To Shreds

@@@ Psychonaut: Violate Consensus Reality (Pelagic, 2022) Day 2 of late 2022 metal fest. It’s a brighter metal sound with plenty of hard rock especially in the vocal areas, this is not super far from older Pearl Jam just with a lot less pretension. I like the guitar sounds and some of the playing and the drummer has a bee in his bonnet but I like the really anti-social, meltdown shit.

@@@ Ripped to Shreds: Reek of Burning Freedom (Relapse, 2022) Oh shit, this is some dome thwacking heavy on the riff metal that is most definitely coming for you. Talk about releasing the Kraken and then breeding it with a giant ass frog stomper. Oh what a cleansing bath of distortion, frenzied guitars and low impact frustrated grunting. I think this gent is somehow tied to Asia and I say well done regardless of location this is just banging. I fast forwarded to the second track, Split Apart by Five Chariots and it’s a touch more brutal than the opener/title track. What an absolutely blazing paper bag of dog shit, beautiful!!!

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