Music for 3/27/22!!! Destroyer, oso oso

@@@ Destroyer: Eat the Wine, Drink the Bread (Merge, 2022) Fourth track on the record and it’s most definitely in ’80s happy rock. The singer is deeper in range with retro-ish guitar sounds, multiple layers of vocal tracks tucked behind him and a classic vibe. Whether you dig the vibe or not, well that’s up to you. This is most definitely in a neighborhood I don’t enjoy passing through while I recognize that a lot of folk like dance rock drumming and happy rock. I was turning a page after hearing some recent releases from Merge and then pow, they hit with this and it hasn’t gone down well or easy. Today I listened from bottom to top and I will go out here saying that the second track is much more to my liking and more energetic.

@@@ oso oso: nothing to do (Triple Crown, 2022) Some old school guitar rock with indie and mainstream rock flourishes. Very rich guitar, a tambourine which is always a signifier, active drummer and a friendly singer. I would term this whipping a well mannered shitty, especially the singer. There’s a bring it down section that leads back to the buildup. The star here is the guitar player, followed by the drummer. I’m sure the singer is a great dude but he’s not really my cup of tea. Oh man, I get why I don’t cotton to the singer as he sounds a whole bunch like the lead cat from Wilco who I can’t stomach. He’s better than Wilco duder, but they’re related. There’s more mainstream rock going on here once you start listening more closely. Just informing.

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