Music for 6/29/21!!! George Riley, Enumclaw, Kero Kero Bonito

@@@ George Riley: Power (Self-released, 2021) I got to this London r&b singer via Crack magazine in the UK. It opens keyboard driven with a little drum ‘n bass in the beat. Riley comes in with Beyonce feels but with such a different set of sounds it’s not a B-hive clone. By the time the walking bassline and the beats and the keyboard whooshes get going it’s pretty swirly. I like her voice and her singing but I wish the beat wasn’t quite so retro.

@@@ Enumclaw: Fast N All (Suite A, 2021) One last listen off the Gorilla Vs. Bear best of first half of 2021 list. It opens as hundreds of ’90s indie records opened with thick guitar strums and grunge-y vocal melodies. Toned down Sonic Youth and a hundred more bands. They do hit the distortion pedal on the guitar and the spray of distortion really changes the vibe. There’s nothing here to protest, good guitar sounds, solid melody but the formula is a bit too familiar for my liking.

@@@ Kero Kero Bontio: Well Rested (Polyvinyl, 2021) This opens up sort of Casio kids’ keyboard style with purposeful video game beats before morphing into a different flavor — oy a big ol’ indie dancefloor banger with a full four on the floor beat, some chant-y female vocals and a fat synth bassline. It’s the best of what I heard today, it’s got some funk to it. It’s a thick stew of synth sounds that make up this track, some of them I like a bunch and some of them not so much. It’s a long banger (7 minutes!) and the breakdown section in the middle is quite nice before they head into the last lap. We will be well rested when the ascension comes, that’s the hook. Glitched up vocals, switching up the parts and for me this is the best part of the song and wish it had come first. Some keyboard shredding, some back and forth, good stuff.

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