Music for 2/24/21!!! Kush Jones, John Depew

@@@ Kush Jones: Folding Glass (N/A, 2020) I got to this dancefloor musician via the Twatter. My Apple Music is on the fritz this morning, fuckin’ a, so I have to resort to the GooglePimpTube. This track comes out high energy with clouds of synth but a chattering hi hat, more than one, a pong synth going almost mad, hand claps; just a whole bunch of rhythm. After establishing itself you get a little evolution in the sounds but mostly in the beats area. I guess the synths serve as the ongoing anchor here breathing in and out but I could use a break and then a return. Great sounds, could use some changes and change backs — at least my ears could.

@@@ Admas: Wed Enate (1984/2020) I got to this remaster of a 1984 record via the weekly playlist at WRIR in Virginia. Oh my a distinctly Rasta/roots thing when the tune commences but with a little African weird synth action and a slightly different rhythmic feel. Like 3% different and shit, they really catch a dubwise flavor and dig into ti. I really like the sounds and the way they swing the track. Very nice guitar solo and back into another breakdown, the second of the track. Just shy of five minutes of sweet African roots, check it out!

@@@ John Depew: John Depew (N/A, 2020) I got to this folk/country/bluegrass singer via prominent music critic Ted Gioia on the Twatter. Boy I wish Mr. Gioia would listen to some heavy music but he’s too fancy for that and he leaves that to more adventurous music writers like myself. Depew has a voice of carrying a lot of melody and he’s doing this first tune Buffalo Hunter over a strummed mandolin (pretty sure on that). HIs voice is quite capable but I find some lyrical passages to be a tad too literate, tryin’ a bit too hard. Fans of this genre might like the poetic nature of this, I’d prefer more stripped down lyrics. I checked the first three tunes and I like it without loving it.

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