Music for 2/23/21!!! Anna B. Savage, Julien Baker

@@@ Anna B. Savage: Baby Grand (City Slang, 2020) Both of these listens today are from this week’s Line of Best Fit. Open up with some clean electric guitar before some Joni Mitchell/leprechaun blend vocalizing comes in. Yowsa you don’t hear that every day. It’s about a pair of people lying underneath a baby grand piano which strikes me as a bit boozhy. Why not just make a couch fort like a normal person? The song is meaningful, at least it aspires to be. I’m both entranced by and kinda repulused by the singing especially when they put a big ass reverb patch on everything and it gets all space folk-y. I don’t think this is a sexual kind of lying under the grand piano which I find comforting, I don’t know if I can handle the image of folks doing it under a piano. Am I weird to find that weird? Possibly. The person she lies under the piano went upstairs to his girlfriend so that’s that. It’s an emotional thing not a fornicating thing. Check it out if you crave a walk on the freakshow side. The sounds here are quite intimate and arresting.

@@@ Julien Baker: Hardline (Matador, 2020) More female business which is super. It opens with a bunch of organ blasts that I like before it gives way to a sultry and mopey singer doing her thing over clouds of sound that ebb and flow in waves. Then a drummer doing that dancey active high hat thing and she’s no longer mopey. Holy fuckstick, this is on Matador home of hipsters and this is absolutley shopping mall-y compared to what I’ve heard on that imprint. The times they are a changin’ and everybody is issuing forth cheese for the masses! The main drawback here is the overly dramatical almost mainstream singing style — lots of gasping, lots of yearning, lots of lots of. That and the epic production and we’re pretty closed to a NPR grilled cheese sandwich mixed with some Brit rock. This is a pre-release track and there will be more nuggets for you shortly. Not my thing, just too many feelings I can’t get with all of it. If you want feelings go for the first song, she’s at least freakin’ out sonically and getting her freak flag on, this is just a plain rock biscuit.

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