Music for 1/9/23!!! Systema Solar, Amaru Tribe

@@@ Systema Solar: Comer de Verdad (Self-released, 2022) This is the #1 single for ’22 at WRIR in Virginia and there’s no disputing it’s a hellacious track for accordion lovers, fans of a big stew of rhythm and all music lovers actually. Fat drummer, banging accordion and a call and response vocal section that just breaks your shit down. Even has turntable scratching. You gotta peep this shit and if you don’t like it well yer not very bright.

@@@ Amaru Tribe: Candela Viva (Vibrating Planet, 2022) Another rhythmic banger off WRIR’s best singles of 2022 list. An accordion on this one too, but a bit more an electro feel with big diva vocals instead of the mature gents in the video above. It has some stylish disco aspirations and they take those and smash them into a world music framework. I like the first single a bit more but this one will get you high steppin’ for sure.


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