Music for 11/2/22!!! Alice Boman, Aoife Nessa Frances

@@@ Alice Boman: Where to Put the Pain (Play It Again Sam, 2022) Looks set to be a coupla sad young female musicians on tap from Line of Best Fit’s weekly email. The track opens with a funk rock beat that gets a little squashed by some piano chords then the female vocals. Now if there was a hipster funk bass going here underneath the layers of feelings I would shit my diaper but it’s not that, it’s a rock thing. It may just be a few too many feelings for me, I know that may come as a shock as Imma feelings based dude but it’s too claggy as they say in the Great British Bake Off.

@@@ Aoife Nessa Frances: Emptiness Follows (Partisan, 2022) This track opens at a lower tempo with a little Alice Coltrane harp action and sulty and slightly slinky feel. It’s got some jank to it but this was blurbed as a psychedelic folk joint so jank is expected with anything psychedelic, that’s my experience. The harp and the flute is welcome to my ears, I like the drum beat and the singer is not your classic dreamy, reverbed female, it’s more the seductress, the stereotype of the seductress. A little more background vocal action at the back end of the track, a little horn action swirled in there with the harp, I can roll with this, it’s an interesting mix of sounds.


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