Music for 2/11/22!!!! Black Am I, 3Head

@@@ Black Am I: Jah in My Corner (Ghetto Youth Int’l, 2022) Some modern, drum machine reggae with a pumped up vocal arrangement. 2 dudes leading the singing with additional background vocalists. Thick thick bass, bass is not an issue and what you don’t get with a drum machine you get with a rootsy uplifiting vocal performance. The rest of the arrangement is pretty standard to my ears.

@@@ 3Head: Afnaz (Dubmission, 2022) This track is also off the WRIR weekly playlist email and it’s a Dennis Bovell remix of a track by these guys 3Head I’ve never heard of. The tune appears on a compilation of dubs called Sub Signals Vol. 2 and it contains work by some pretty well known names other than Dennis Bovell including Adrian Sherwood and African Head Charge. The production is pretty modern but gets into sticky dubwise echo action. This particular track sports an epic almost rock feel without including almost any rock sounds to it. There is one spot where they have synth going off like a guitar power chord sequence (maybe it’s a processed guitar) but that’s it. I’ve peeped excerpts of a couple of other tracks and there’s some variety here, some dancefloor sounds snuck into the dub arena, more modern sounds reworked into the dub spirit of things. Check it out if you roll that way, if you’re on the variety tip.

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