Music for 12/21/21!!!! Dream Unending, Jenevieve

@@@ Dream Unending: In Cipher I Weep (20 Buck Spin, 2021) Third track off the record and it opens a cymbal splashy with a dark rock bassline. I’m listening to this after checking out the second listen first and am surprised the r&b track is more compressed than this one. I kinda dig while not being used to it. Metal is often really squished up. The singer comes in and he’s a cavemen, lots of gravel in his barely discernible lyrics. Big monster stomping feels here and the guitar playing is epic, the guitar player sounds like a demented church organ player from a Dracula film. Kinda wish the drummer was mixed in a way that had more impact (mostly in the kick drum to be honest) but grade A on the guitar blasting. As always agnostic on the caveman — I get why singers do that but I don’t love it.

@@@ Jenevieve: Division (Joyface, 2021) Upbeat, strongly ’80s influenced r&b. The singing is not perky but the arrangement sure is. I like the singer but dislike the guitar part and the straightness of the drumbeat. I switched out to the opening tune, Medallion, and the difference is night and day. This track is more modern with more modern sounds, and it sports a slower more sultry feel. I dig this more and now that I’m on the third tune it’s clear that I dig the singer and am split on the sounds and the arrangement.

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