Music for 11/20/21!!! Cleo Sol, Jessy Lanza

@@@ Cleo Sol: Don’t Let Me Fall (Forever living originals, 2021) Piano singer songwriter off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Certainly not Adele blow the roof off the house for which I’m grateful. After a 1 minute solo piano and vox a simple band arrangement comes in — drums and bass then back to the piano. Oh boy the band comes back and while there’s nothing particularly unique going here the vibe is solid and it’s a lesson in less is more. Just over the halfway point and theres an acoustic guitar strumming and a bunch of background vocals and the less is more has been cast away. I still like it but not as much. Just after 4 minutes it kinda reappears as a jam and I like that. I like most of what’s here the beginning and the end especially.

@@@ Jessy Lanza: Wet X3 (K7, 2021) I’m guessing this is gonna be a horny white girl dancefloor banger. It opens with a couple of kick drums working off each other. It looks set to be a techno thing with the unt-sss but with some dubwise flavors, not original Jamaican roots dubwise but in that spirit. There’s a pretty wicked swirling dark synth that underpins the other synths in the mix. It’s pretty abstract when I thought we were going to get some X rated lyrics I actually like the arrangement as it sports a pretty solid dollop of funk to go with the dub and the techno. Lots of vocal processing, pitch shifting most notably. This is a remix record and the chopped up repackaging explains the delays, glitched vocals, etc. It’s pretty hot stuff so if you’re in the mood, this is not boring kraut-y techno this has some wang in it.

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