Music for 8/24/21!!! Boldy James, Linda Chua

@@@ Boldy James & The Alchemist: Photographic Memories (ALC/Boldy James, 2021) Hip hop off a recent Pitchfork 10 best reviewed albums of the week that I’m on the email list for. I picked this track because I’m an Earl Sweatshirt fan, not pants shitting but he’s caught my ear before. At the center of the arrangement is a romantic/lush female soul vocal sample over a chill beat. It’s a purple drank kinda feeling here, slowed down and a bit blunted. I’d like to hear some different sounds here. I do like the sample how they start to chop it up but I still want a bit more. I’m peeping the opener Double Hockey Sticks and it’s got a bit of a Helloween spooky flow that gives way to ambient drummer. The rhyming on both tunes I’ve checked is solid but a bit low energy spittin’. I think you’re supposed to be high for this record, it’s got that kind of feeling to it. Ooops, right in the middle of the track, the vibe shifts and the energy picks up. I like this. Mixed bag, grab the weed.

@@@ Lucinda Chua: Until I Fall (4AD, 2021) Opens up slowly, percolating with a bit of modulation and orchestral string action over the top of that rolling dark sound. A female singer, Chua I assume, comes in very gently but not overly annoyingly over a super chill keyboard progression that matches well with the ambient sounds that opened the track. The subtlety of the ambient sounds here is impressive and gives a pretty hip framework for her to vocalize. This is most definitely music for people who have nice brunches and keep their couches super clean, this is not cheap beer and humping behind a dumpster action. The second tune is a solo piano piece with light ambient garnish which I find a bit refreshing and humble. The absence of a singer that is. I’m not usually a fan of 4AD business but I’m open minded and dig what I’ve heard thus far on this record.

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