Music for 9/2/22!!! Mamaleek

@@@ Mamaleek: Diner Coffee (The Flenser, 2022) I got to this hard rock record via Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. This is a highbrow rock record that doesn’t hit full blast and stay there it sorta rises up in some spots and is pleasantly proggy or jammy in other places. I’m on the third tune and it’s got some interesting processed vocal yelps and an interesting arrangement. The goal here is to be more than standard rock. I’m sampling the fourth track of the record and as the Brits say it sounds like they’re taking the piss, as in there’s some tongue in cheek action going here. I don’t know if we’re in for a comeback but I am hearing some more interesting rock music. I liked the recent Morlocs record and this is an interesting recording, it’s just been a tidal wave of boring out of the rock part of the neighborhood for a lot of years.

Music for 3/13/22!!! Happy Place, Azu Tiwaline and Labdi

@@@ Happy Place: Tendrils (Exit Stencil Recordings, 2020) I saw this weirdo rock band listed for a record release show for a record released in 2020. Oy, the covid! These guys are working a spot that used to be quite common but has now receded like the tide. Non-derivative freak rock with punk flavors maybe even some jazz feels, a crossroads if you may. This is a seven minute banger and it revolves around a 2 drummer groove but there’s plenty of noise and drone and weird energy to keep you engaged. I do not miss the ridiculous macho rawk energy but I do miss a messy rock space where folks are playing hard and putting out a lot of energy, I’m mostly always up for that. The player clicked through to another track and I’m medium into that as well.

@@@ Azu Tiwaline & Labdi: Hewa (Extra Soul Perception, 2022) I’ve been searching for new stuff from this North African female producer because I really dig her and her music and this track popped up on my Apple Music search. Just out!!! In my dumbass opinion her sounds connect you to a state of mind larger than the individual, blending dub delays with North African/Middle Eastern percussion and in this case a female vocalist. It’s serpentine and slim and has a depth to it that I enjoy. I like the groove, the sounds are excellent and the vocals are not meant to be the main focus and work well within the sounds.