Music for 5/22/22!!! Aubrey Haddard, Static Dress

@@@ Aubrey Haddard: Processing Power (Beverly Martel, 2022) Line of Best Fit!!! If you take some electro bits and layer them over a grunge guitar sound, a gated 80s snare sound and pop lyrics, well then you get the formula for this single. It’s currenly clean guitar in the verse and Imma guessing and putting money on the crunch in the chorus. Whoops, there it is, grunge lives on. I like her voice but as for lyrics I’m not sure what the hook revolving around the words ‘processing power’ means. The most interesting thing here is the use of non-use of rock beats here, followed by the smashing of the electro and the electric guitar. Overall, it’s more a technical thing than an explosive feel something thing.

@@@ Static Dress: fleahouse (Static Dress, 2022) More rawk people, more rawk people!!! This times it’s much more punky, post-punk, post rock with a jump around vibe and a big stack of vocals over slashing guitars and aforementioned octopus drumming. Maybe I didn’t mention the spray style drumming but it is a core component of the track. It’s a lotta lotta (that’s two lottas) energy and a lotta young person angst.

Music for 3/23/22!!! J. Robbins, H.C. McEntire

@@@ J. Robbins: Un-becoming (Dischord, 2021) I got to bot of these listens from Bob Mould’s PR person’s blast mail saying who is opening on his summer tour. Former lead singer of DC band Jawbox this is the fifth track on the record and it opens with an ambient piano part before it segues into the rocking body of the track. Lots of slashing Clash type guitars to go with the classic distorted guitar arpeggios. It’s a very wordy track, literate and about something, our country I think. Or our bodies. I’m on the next track and I’m getting the distinct feeling that Mr. Robbins does not want to repeat his earlier work of which I’m a fan. It may be a bit to art school for me, but I like that he’s not repeating himself.

@@@ H.C. McEntire: River’s Jaw (Merge, 2021) Female driven country dirge type business. I’m not the biggest Merge Records fan as I think they doth issue forth a lot of blue eyed dance garbage, but this is not that and I dig that. It’s also not a string band type of situation, there’s a lot of electric guitar happening here. It’s got a bit of spaghetti western twang to it. I like it without loving it, let me check another track before I wrap up for the day. I’m checking out the third track High Rise and it’s got a lovely slide guitar and a more developed vocal melody. I just emailed my wife telling her she might like this record as she digs this formula — a little rock, some country, a woman on the microphone. If that works for you check it out. Also very nice guitar tones here.