Music for 3/19/23!!!! MSPAINT

@@@ MSPAINT: Post America (Convulse, 2023) A mashup of hard, riff rock, punk sensibility and white boy hip hop that I got to via Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. It’s got a lot of energy and some interesting layers but I’m not jumping up and down. The second tune, Think It Through, gets into a pretty familiar post rock territorial. I like what the singer is doing, but he could rock another flow and then return. There are moments here very reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine but with less funk and I have to say the record might lift off if the singer was more flavorful. He’s a bit 1 trick pony and if he had more moves it would make for more exciting proceedings.

Music for 1/31/23!!! Sightless Pit

@@@ Sightless Pit: Lockstep Bloodwar ( , 2023) Album of the day over at the ol’ bandcamp! It’s a coupla gents who work in the heavy music area and looks to be a side project. There are heavy music elements here and after that the most prominent genre is electro. So it’s heavy electro, not a lot of guitars in this opener Resin on a Knife, but a lot of static and distortion. Also a lot of guest vocalists on this record and that really changes the listener experience. In the bandcamp blurb there’s a statement that these guys are alchemists of heavy music. There’s some nice sound combinations here but I think that may be more than a bit hyped. I’m listening to the title track of this record and give it a solid B. I don’t think it’s alchemy for me.

Music for 3/6/21!!! Terror, The Armed

@@@ Terror: Out of My Face (Good Fight Records, 2021) Some in your face metal with a generous dollop of hardcore feels. These guys are definitely not up for a hang as this tune is called Out of My Face and the next tune is Keep Your Distance. That’s pretty aggro and clear. I like the drummer, he’s got some really good vibes going on, I like the guitar playing — it’s pretty standard but it’s good. I think the singer is a bit klunky he could use a mint, something to refresh him a bit. He’s definitely got the pissed thing down pat but a little swing would elevate this.

@@@ The Armed: Average Death (Sargen House, 2021) A little something different off the Apple Music metal section as this gets into a heavy pop place with a lot of electro elements. It doesn’t sport a frog stomping rhythmic approach and they whip a pretty solid post punk shitty in the chorus. The singer is layering in his whatever on top of this maelstrom and for the most part it works. I have a feeling this outfit has some art school graduates in it. I like the chorus, very Husker Du-ey. Both of these tracks are pre-release listens and there will be more when the full biscuit comes out.