Music for 11/10/22!!! Surachai, Hilltop Hoods

@@@ Surachai: Veil (BL_K Noise, 2022) A pre release track I got to via a twat from the Gilead Media Twatter people saying this was a record of the year by a mile or some such. It opens with solo piano and then an increasing amount of electro sauce — ringing, resonating, glitching, and then a pretty bitcrushed beat and bass combo platter. On top of all that a dreamy female voice is layered, oh mad drama, mad dramas up in here. I like that crunchy low end bit, that’s pretty epic, the rest is a bit meh. It is a very interesting example of ultra clean and ultra dirty inhabiting the same space.

@@@ Hilltop Hoods: A Whole Day’s Night (Island Australia, 2022) I’m on the mailing list for Australian music magazine Happy Magazine so Imma peep some Australian hip hop so you don’t have to. Oy, it’s worse than British hip hop. It’s rhymed but sing song-y, it’s nostalgic with a cheesebomb chorus, oh no, a young female diva throwing a big vocal hook. Big flat beats, some percussive string samples and low energy rhymes equals sad face. I’m gonna finish this off though I don’t know why. Okay I lived through that and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t know if that’s cultural appropriation or an extreme lack of funk or just too many shrimps on the barby but it was rough.