Music for 8/18/22!!! 96 Back, Roza Terenzi

@@@ 96 Back: Made Me (N/A, 2022) I got to these two listens via a festival promo email via Crack Magazine in the UK. They got Blawan on the bill, and I’m a huge Blawan fan. It opens spooky and dark with some metallic percussion and eerie synth action. It builds to a groove, not necessarily a hip hop groove, it’s more of a slightly lopsided techno groove. Just when I thought I could use more I got it, a stylish keyboard solo/vamp that threads all the bits of the mix together. This is pretty stylish shit. I’m checking out another track from Mr. 96 as I’m always up for more quality electronic music. I’m listening to a track called Fent66 and it has a distinctly sci fi flavor to it. It’s well constructed but I preferred the other track.

@@@ Roza Terenzi: Stylish Tantrum (N/A, 2022) I could not find this track on Apple Music which is a shame because it opens up filthy and dubby — super low bass pumping with a very nice set of delayed/echoed percussive bits flying around. Terenzi layers a brisk techno beat on top of the dubby bits and it works, melting together to make a world music-y typa groove as well as breaking the classic rigiditiy of techno beats. Around 2 minutes the bassline starts climbing, you get some handclaps/snare blend and it’s reached peak bumptious. You’d have to be pretty red bulled to hit the dancefloor with this, it’s brisk and it will wear you down with its relentless blend of sounds. Good luck out there.

Music for 8/4/22!!! Surprise Chef, MK

@@@ Surprise Chef: Velodrome (Big Chief, 2022) A pre-release track from a record coming out in October though I’m also checking out Crayfish Caper which is a track from 2019 that I peeped around a bit. I did a bit of search-a-fying and see that these folks are from Australia. I woulda guessed down South where the kudzu be thicker than the local police. These guys are doing a Meters type instrumental funk type sitch and they do it well. It’s not a hipster thing, well maybe it is a hipster thing but it’s not a super annoying hipster thing. This track is driven by the drums, the chickenscratch guitar, multiple keyboard parts and even a triangle. Vibes too, me loves the vibes. I’m checking out another pre release track, Money Music, and it’s even better than the track clipped below. Imma check more of these guys when it comes out.

@@@ MK: Burning (Defected, 2011) A track from the latest Crack Magazine playlist. Not recent releases but whatevs. It’s tightly constructed with an interesting one word vocal sampe, a really hot percussive metal vibe vamp and funky. Then the dive comes in begging somebody to touch her body she’s all pumped up! My funk-o-meter is giving this a 7.5 out of 10 rating and that’s completely arbitrary. Tight construction, funky funky funky, that’s all about all that needs to be said.

Music for 6/1/22!!! Horsegirl, Tom Aspaul

@@@ Horsegirl: Anti-glory (N/A, 2022) Today I’m recycling a post I set up a coupla weeks ago and I think it’s from Line of Best Fit but I’m not 100% on that. Opens with big tom drum beat and some sideways guitar playing, oh we back in the ’90s! They go a couple of gears below slack and mix in some shoegaze with some background vocals panned out wide in the stereo field. I would put this as a medium rainstorm with a bit of gusty wind, it never seems to pop a clot and go full shitshow. I like a meltdown, I didn’t come here expecting one but it is weird to hear the restraint. Noisy and polite is a tough combo. I’m into the unexpected these days so not great to see a lack of unexpected sounds or flavors going on here, so do label thee ‘music for normies’.

@@@ Tom Aspaul: Let Them (It’s all Love) (N/A, 2022) Opens with a church-y organ and solo voice before it busts out into dancefloor bangin’. Four on the floor but with a nice percussive guitar/synth patch and then bump it up in the chorus. I don’t know this gent Aspaul from a hole in the wall but he’s got positive energy without pouring on the cheese sounds and he’s got an interesting blend of sounds here. He even tucks a tambourine into the last third of the track. I’m pretty sure I hear an undercover Latin flavor here and I dig that. I’m not jumping up and down over this but it’s more than solid work — focused arrangement with some nice unfolding and a really nice vocalization. There might be some different versions of this track from what I can eyeball on the Apple Music.

Music for 3/24/22!!! Raw Poetic and Damu the Fudgmunk, B. Visible

@@@ Raw Poetic and Damu the Fudgmunk: Open Roads (Def Presse, 2022) I got to this interesting hip hop record via the bandcamp marketing machine. It’s hip hop with a very strong band feel, both rock feels and some jazz feels. It’s also got an acceptably chill hippie flow to it. The track clipped below is the opener and it’s a pretty hot track with nimble microphone work and a lot of instruments poking out of the mix. I’m checking out the second track, Chewing Gum, and it follows a similar formula. The bassline is tucked in there and is a dizzying climbing line with some synth blasts and the MC who is engaging — the lyrics are world weary and kinda philosophical. World gone crazy themes and whatnot. These guys seem to want to uplift without applying excessive sonic cheese, the mission is accomplished by the arrangements and the microphone energy and the lyrics.

@@@ B. Visible: Pancakes (Data Snacks, 2022) I think this is another listen from bandcamp, and Mr. Visible is a dance artist from Vienna Austria. It’s got the anchoring kick drum, some occasional blasting synths, an arpeggiated synth that bounces about capturing most of the listeners’ attention and an old school popping funk bassline. It’s not an EDM exploding cheesebomb and I’m grateful for that. I’m giving a quick peep to the third track and it’s the same kick drum, a keyboard progression, some chopstick-y percussion, no hand it’s a slapping conga drum type sound, and similar keyboard sounds. I appreciate the minimal arrangements, sometimes the electronic shit can be so over the top sci-fi (or other flavors). Super clean production, yikes, like a porn star’s love patch, manicured if you dig that sort of thing..

Music for 7/18/21!!! Bicentennial Drug Lord, Sofi Tukker

@@@ Bicentennial Drug Lord: Confessed the Sheets (N/A, 2021) Music publicist email people! This is a pre-release track from a record out at the end of August and it’s not up on the Apple Music and I don’t usually do this but you’ll have to listen to the GooglePimpTube video below. Unfortunately as Google and YouTube blow chunks, both spiritually and sonically. It opens up pretty retro rock with folk feels with some big acoustic guitar strums and chill vocal melodies. There is an analog synth in there and a machine drum rhythm so it might explode into an updated Friends themed television show theme. I kid I kid!!! The chorus is massive but it’s not Friends. See my face when you’re walking around, that’s the vocal hook. Meh. It’s got a quaint heartfelt rock feel I appreciate but rock is in a tough place right now so I appreciate them running up the hill.

@@@ Sofi Tukker and Amadou and Miriam: Mon Cheri (Red Hot, 2021) I can’t remember how I got to this but Imma Amadou and Mariam fan. We get some vocals autotuned and processed into a pleasant robot-y sound as the dancefloor banging beats build in the background. I certainly hope Amadou and Miriam bring their funk and don’t participate in this space age robot jam but I”m not hopeful. I like it more when the vocals die back and the beat shows up with Amadou and Miriam (I think) singing long tones mixed too low over a massive wall of beats. About 2/3s of the way through Amadou is audible and overall it’s a bit of a jumble here. Either I’m confused or the tune is but check for yourself and email me.