Music for 5/26/21!!! Olafur Arnalds, Andras

@@@ Olafur Arnalds: Still Sound (Mercury/Decca, 2021) Some classical crossover electronic music off Apple Music’s electronic section. It’s basically a few delayed keyboards with some additional glitch sauce and a cello like sound seated way back in the mix. It’s keyboard heavy in the front of the track and cello and flute heavy on the back end with a crossfade between the two vibes. Less delay and overt simple melody as the track moves. It’s all right, to me it’s just too soft.

@@@ Andras: Revegetation Area 2002 (Public Possession, 2020) More delayed keyboards but with a thicker sound and less New Age aspiration. And you get a beat! As the Apple Music makes clear this is more on the downtempo tip and less on the classical crossover. The goal here, as described in the video cover image below is chillness and it succeeds at that. It might also succeed at inducing a nappy. Just sayin’ there’s a fine line between chillin’ and falling asleep. Towards the end you get a similar cello-like sound that I think is a synth cello patch. And there’s no shame in that.