The sooner WNYC stops supporting wuss indie and wuss music in general, the better the world will be!

From the Twatter:


No crying over here!

If people want to protest/mourn/recognize the eroding arts and culture scene in New York City, maybe we should all discuss real estate developers and politicians, you know the assholes who run New York City who have turned it into a playground for Wall Street yupsters and tech dirtbags.

And don’t forget to cut a slice of karma for this phenomenon for Mr. Andrew Cuomo, a bottomfeeder of world class levels.

New Music listening Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a reminder that this is not a music review blog.  It’s a links blog as well as a diary of a hardcore music listener.

Today I’m checking out a few bands from Aquarius Records SXSW showcase.

Vaz — Guitar/drums duo.   I’m checking out Demonstrations in Micronesia from 2008 out on Load Records.  Strong B+/A-.  Noisy, but still within the realm of songs.  The drummer is the star in this group.

Shit and Shine from the UK.  I’m listening to 229-2299 Girls Against Shit.  It’s a sort industrial rock hybrid.  Aquarius calls it art rock, I don’t know what that is.  It’s all right, a little repetitive but it’s artsy so have at it.

Night Control.  Not rock, kind of spooky softer rock — a lot of reverb on the vocals, ringing guitars.  A little like the Cure.  It’s all right.

Conclusion:  I starred Vaz in my Spotify whatever and will check some more of their music later.  The singer is a little flat and detached — that doesn’t always work for me, but I really dig the drummer and the noisiness of what they do.