Jennifer Aniston kisses Ellen to promote her crappy new show!

From Huffpo:


Lots of personal stories and identity politics involved in the promotion of new tv shows and new music.

Jay Z reveals his moms is a lesbian the week of his album’s release.

Jennifer Aniston. kisses Ellen for her new show on Apple TV+ show.

First off, make headlines, that’s super important.  Second signal to certain demographics by kissing America’s most famous lesbian.  America’s war criminal loving lesbian, you gotta throw that in there.

Of course, Jay Z’s revelation has nothing to do with the quality of his music and Jennifer Aniston’s kiss has no connection to how good or bad her new television show is.

The sooner WNYC stops supporting wuss indie and wuss music in general, the better the world will be!

From the Twatter:


No crying over here!

If people want to protest/mourn/recognize the eroding arts and culture scene in New York City, maybe we should all discuss real estate developers and politicians, you know the assholes who run New York City who have turned it into a playground for Wall Street yupsters and tech dirtbags.

And don’t forget to cut a slice of karma for this phenomenon for Mr. Andrew Cuomo, a bottomfeeder of world class levels.

This is a pitched PR story to the NY Times, and yes it does matter.

From the New York Times:


The simple point here:  if you have money you get access to folks’ eyeballs and they’re paying for eyeballs.

Mark Ronson is a completely average musician that is now paying to try to alter his image and make loot with this new image.

People who don’t have loot, who may be brilliant musicians or certainly much more skilled musicians than Mr. Ronson, will not be recognized adequately when the publicity system is based on paid access.

Access to people’s ears and eyes should be based on merit and that’s it.

You may say I’m a dreamer….

Protesting Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer on year end lists!

I’m all for folks showing who they are in their music and I’m all for equal rights, racial equality, economic equality, etc, but at the end of the day I want banging music that I return to.  I don’t find that in Dirty Computer.

This track below (by Janelle Monae) meets all the requirements and the fact that this track was somewhat suffocated (read about it here) and Dirty Computer is on the year end lists as the best of this year says everything that’s wrong with the music business and the music PR, and music journalism.  Too much about the personal lives and identities of the performers and not enough on the music.

I would rather listen to 1999 and to this tune as a combination of music and politics than the restrained and detached music on Dirty Computer.