YouTube is a digital sweatshop

From the Washington Post:

Reaching the top 3.5 percent of YouTube’s most viewed channels — which means at least 1 million video views a month — is worth only about $12,000 to $16,000 a year in advertising revenue.

From the Telegraph here:

Alphabet’s results also exceeded forecasts, as Google’s advertising juggernaut continued unabated. The company’s revenues grew 22pc to $24.8bn, while profits were up 29pc to $5.4bn.

Roughly $20bn in profit a year, not a bad monopoly if you can build it.

It’s not as if they couldn’t pay out more on YouTube, they can swing it, it’s loose change to them.


How does Tim Cook survive as half man/half bullshit slinger?

From CNBC here:

Apple says it’s not in the music business to make money. Instead, its investments in the HomePod and Apple Music are aimed at “doing the right thing,” CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fast Company.

“You’re right, we’re not in it for the money. I think it’s important for artists. If we’re going to continue to have a great creative community, [artists] have to be funded,” Cook said in the interview published Wednesday.

This is breathtaking, the stench of it is absolutely revolting.

Apple is in the music game to sell hardware — Macs to musicians and studio owners, iPads to the same crew, etc.

The most revolting part is where Cook talks about how Apple is funding artists???  Yeah, what the fuck?  The great majority of artists making any money on Apple Music are already funded by their large record labels – your Biebers, your Drakes, your awful mainstream booty swingers.

The artists who need to be funded the most are the non-mainstream artists and for them Apple is a disease.  Apple does not fund them at all, they don’t give a flying fuck whatsoever.

To take some sort of goodie points for funding ‘artists’ that are already funded and then not acknowledging how Apple Music’s payment structure does not help to fund artists who need it the most is vomit inducing.

2 trends that will continue to hold music back in 2018

A.  The continued manufactured consent/publicist bullshit that has infested the music business for decades.  I’m still in shock looking at the Guardian best of 2017 and seeing the St. Vincent record at the #1 position.  I try to be an open minded gent so I thought I would peep it again and honestly I don’t get it.  Recycled sounds, a distinct lack of soul, and a manicured sound that drains the already drained proceedings.  Put this record up against Prince’s 1999 and then give me a call.  I don’t see anyone listening to this record in 5 years — isn’t that a simple definition of a great record?  There’s a huge difference between a great publicist/marketing campaign and a great record.

B.   People are mad lazy.  I don’t see how many supposed music lovers (including mindless music writers of which there are dozens) put a napkin in their collar and just lap up what is served to them.  Some music publicist calls you up, blows a little air up yer skirt and you just faun over the most mindless shit.  Or you read an article and you just nod your head like some sort of zombie.  It’s fucking shameful.  Is it not a reasonable definition of a sophisticated music listener to check music out independently of what is being pushed by record label pimps and to occasionally call bullshit on an awful record???  Is everybody so fucking spineless and afraid that they will never stick their necks out and dump on a mediocre effort?  Man, the National record this year almost collapses under the weight of its own pretension and I read the most breathless (dare I say orgasm-y) reviews of music that should be fed to senior citizens as the sonic equivalent of applesauce.  Blech!

I’m no hater and I love music and an essential part of loving music is sorting out the shit from the gold.  The amount of gold spray paint that has been applied to musical turds is not helping music out.  While people may get a good huff of spray paint buzz it stinks like shit when the paint dries and cracks to reveal what’s underneath.

I hope some folks in 2018 will show some self-respect/self-esteem and start thinking for themselves instead of sitting with their spoons out and their diapers on.  Jesus, it all goes down in public and it’s fucking shameful to watch.  I’m embarrassed on your behalf.

Happy 2018.

Jay Z fits right in with the classic music business scumbags!

From the Daily Beast here:

TMZ reports that Prince’s record label NPG Records has filed suit against Jay Z’s Roc Nation for allegedly “overstepping an agreement Prince signed with them before his death.” Prince’s label claims the late artist had struck a deal for Jay Z and Roc Nation’s service Tidal to stream Prince’s last album he released before his death, Hit N Run: Phase One, but then Tidal began streaming most of Prince’s catalog sans authorization. It’s now reportedly suing Roc Nation for copyright infringement as well as attempting to block the steaming of Prince’s music—save that one album.

That’s wrong to do Prince like that.


Chesney’s PR people had to pay up for that yo!

The top of the front page of Apple Music has a visual banner that usually has graphics for up to ten different records.

This morning I logged on to do my daily listening for my righteous blog and every graphic panel was about Kenny Chesney’s new record.

Regular readers know I’m not a super mainstream listener but I’ve peeped Cheney’s new record and it’s awful.  Really highly polished bullshit.

Do you think other PR people and music label people appreciated getting bumped for the giant Chesney biscuit that’s gonna be up there all day?

I don’t think so and Imma guessing some sort of payment of some type had to have been made to make this happen.