Do you think record companies are run by scumbags????

From the Guardian here:

Michael Jackson’s record label Sony has been caught up in a legal battle over whether the singer really performed the lead vocals on three songs in a posthumous album released under his name.

In a US court this week, in attempting to persuade a judge that it should not be a defendant in a lawsuit over the songs, Sony hypothesised that Jackson was not the main singer on Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster – but argued that such a scenario would not mean it had no legal right to sell the music under his name.


How the New York Times makes These Heaux/Music biz hoes legit!


From the New York Times:


The New York Times is a piece of shit, especially in its music writing.  For those readers who don’t know the story of Bhad Babie, this front page clipping makes it look all positivie.  First off it’s described as Big Business, and America loves big business.

In addition, the description of Bhad Babie transforming from a trouble teenager to having a major label record deal sounds like a Cinderella story.

Bhad Babie is what’s wrong with America.  She is now 14-15 years old but she came to prominence virally for going on Dr. Phil and off handedly talking in ebonics about whoring herself out to audience members with the catchphrase ‘Cash me outside how bout dat?’  She talks smack to her moms and is generally a pain in the ass but hypersexualized.  And the money to be made off her would be nothing without the hypersexualization of her body and personality.

Of course, major labels see all the free publicity she’s already generated for herself and they sign her to a deal.  Not because she has skills but because she’s already made herself known with her crossover whore routine.  And they put out her first single which is clipped below and is not really a Cinderella story, it’s a cynically corporate move to cash in on a R-rated almost girl.

If you check out this video Bhad Babie has been pimped and is pimping at the very same time — images of guns, of Bad Bhabie’s body, BMWs, all of the classic hardcore rap images.  At the core of the tune Bhabie is denouncing other women, these heaux, who she is not like at all — though she kinda has a legacy of being whorish.

The only intelligence that has been shown in the saga of Bhad Babie is the person who thought they could take her and make a profit off her.  That’s the only creativity here and it’s very cynical and transactional creativity.

And the New York Times makes all of this legit without mentioning any of it!  It’s big business and a ‘troubled teenager’ who is now a major label rapper.  It reeks of the efforts of a music publicist spinning the shit out of a piece of shit.

It’s not called GooglePimpTube for no reason!

From the Guardian here:

YouTube has an estimated 1.3 billion users who regularly watch music videos and it paid $856m (£650m) in royalties to music companies last year – an estimated 67 cents per user annually.  In the UK, record labels and artists earn more than double the royalties from the sale of 4.1m vinyl records than they did from the 25bn music videos watched on YouTube last year.

I don’t need Spotify to decide my listening for me


It’s not for Mastercard and Visa to cut off donations to Wikileaks and it’s not for Spotify to morally judge who belongs and who does not belong on their streaming service.

Never mind that this opens a giant ass can of worms if you’re going to have artists meet some ethical threshold.  There are dozens of musicians who have engaged in all sorts of shit.  And there are all sorts of Wall Streeters who have done the same shit.

It’s no surprise that Spotify came down hard on a black dude and believe me I’m no fan of R. Kelly’s behavior but that’s a job for the courts not fucking Spotify.

Behold Gene Simmons’ schizo pro-artist/anti-artist horseshit!

From CNBC here:

“At the end of the day the artists have gotten the rug pulled out from under them, and I’m shocked that legislators in Washington D.C. haven’t taken the entire industry to task” Simmons said. “Legislation is archaic and prehistoric. New artists are getting slaughtered because they’re getting micro pennies out of a dollar.”

Spotify, he said, is “a terrific company.”

“I know the financials of the company, I think the management is solid,” Simmons said. “Spotify is getting rich and God bless them for it.”

Ladies and gentlemen get a load of this high end business speak word salad!

In one breath he says new artists are getting slaughtered because they are getting micro pennies out of a dollar and in the next breath he says Spotify is getting rich and God bless them.

They are getting rich because they’re paying micro pennies out of a dollar, aren’t they???

I’m not sure how many music fans realize that part of the reason Spotify has never been profitable is because of the large upfront payments Spotify has paid to major record labels for classic catalog artists (such as Kiss, if you can call them artists).  So major labels have been paid and own pieces of Spotify while new artists get their micro pennies.

Simmons has always been more of a business man than a musician.  His music is low grade rock ‘n roll with grown men trodding the boards in full makeup — more like mideval minstrel show with power chords, but certainly nothing people will be listening to 500 years from now.

What a complete fucking tool this sunglasses wearing dickbag is.

YouTube is a digital sweatshop

From the Washington Post:

Reaching the top 3.5 percent of YouTube’s most viewed channels — which means at least 1 million video views a month — is worth only about $12,000 to $16,000 a year in advertising revenue.

From the Telegraph here:

Alphabet’s results also exceeded forecasts, as Google’s advertising juggernaut continued unabated. The company’s revenues grew 22pc to $24.8bn, while profits were up 29pc to $5.4bn.

Roughly $20bn in profit a year, not a bad monopoly if you can build it.

It’s not as if they couldn’t pay out more on YouTube, they can swing it, it’s loose change to them.

How does Tim Cook survive as half man/half bullshit slinger?

From CNBC here:

Apple says it’s not in the music business to make money. Instead, its investments in the HomePod and Apple Music are aimed at “doing the right thing,” CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fast Company.

“You’re right, we’re not in it for the money. I think it’s important for artists. If we’re going to continue to have a great creative community, [artists] have to be funded,” Cook said in the interview published Wednesday.

This is breathtaking, the stench of it is absolutely revolting.

Apple is in the music game to sell hardware — Macs to musicians and studio owners, iPads to the same crew, etc.

The most revolting part is where Cook talks about how Apple is funding artists???  Yeah, what the fuck?  The great majority of artists making any money on Apple Music are already funded by their large record labels – your Biebers, your Drakes, your awful mainstream booty swingers.

The artists who need to be funded the most are the non-mainstream artists and for them Apple is a disease.  Apple does not fund them at all, they don’t give a flying fuck whatsoever.

To take some sort of goodie points for funding ‘artists’ that are already funded and then not acknowledging how Apple Music’s payment structure does not help to fund artists who need it the most is vomit inducing.