Grab some Post Malone Crocs to go with your Lady Gaga lipstick! #PopStarPimpin

From the interwebz:


Don’t hate the player, hate the game and the player.

These stars stand for nothing artistic nor political, they stand for their bank accounts and they use their music as a marketing tool.

Jennifer Aniston kisses Ellen to promote her crappy new show!

From Huffpo:


Lots of personal stories and identity politics involved in the promotion of new tv shows and new music.

Jay Z reveals his moms is a lesbian the week of his album’s release.

Jennifer Aniston. kisses Ellen for her new show on Apple TV+ show.

First off, make headlines, that’s super important.  Second signal to certain demographics by kissing America’s most famous lesbian.  America’s war criminal loving lesbian, you gotta throw that in there.

Of course, Jay Z’s revelation has nothing to do with the quality of his music and Jennifer Aniston’s kiss has no connection to how good or bad her new television show is.

The sooner WNYC stops supporting wuss indie and wuss music in general, the better the world will be!

From the Twatter:


No crying over here!

If people want to protest/mourn/recognize the eroding arts and culture scene in New York City, maybe we should all discuss real estate developers and politicians, you know the assholes who run New York City who have turned it into a playground for Wall Street yupsters and tech dirtbags.

And don’t forget to cut a slice of karma for this phenomenon for Mr. Andrew Cuomo, a bottomfeeder of world class levels.