Music for 3/2/23!!!! La Boa

@@@ La Boa: La Bestia EP (Mambo Negro, 2023) A mash of a lot of musical styles that I really like — cumbia, son, mambo, dub. I got to this via this week’s WRIR weekly playlist email. The second track is reggae flavored with electro bits and Cuban style vocalizing. It’s a mostly upbeat affair and I like it. Many layers of percussion, I dig that, lots of call and response vocals, that’s cool, big dancefloor energy, a fresh mix of sounds, check. I like the churning dub echo guitars in track 4, Se Va. All of this works within their self described Colombian Afrobeat aspirations, something most folks don’t consider — the connections between African music and Latin music. It’s quietly been there for decades, the connection that is, for a lot of hardcore music listeners and folks who listen outside of strict genre lines. I applaud any musicians for breaking down these arbitrary lines that keep listeners and musicians in silos, big ups for taking it on as a mission. Plus you get fat grooves and flavors.


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