Music for 1/31/23!!! Sightless Pit

@@@ Sightless Pit: Lockstep Bloodwar ( , 2023) Album of the day over at the ol’ bandcamp! It’s a coupla gents who work in the heavy music area and looks to be a side project. There are heavy music elements here and after that the most prominent genre is electro. So it’s heavy electro, not a lot of guitars in this opener Resin on a Knife, but a lot of static and distortion. Also a lot of guest vocalists on this record and that really changes the listener experience. In the bandcamp blurb there’s a statement that these guys are alchemists of heavy music. There’s some nice sound combinations here but I think that may be more than a bit hyped. I’m listening to the title track of this record and give it a solid B. I don’t think it’s alchemy for me.


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