Music for 1/29/23!!! Maya Shenfeld, Elias Moreno and Daniel Del Rio

@@@ Maya Shenfeld: Body, Electric (Thrill Jockey, 2022) This is the #1 record on Stereogum’s best experimental records of 2022. It’s synth-y, with the track below opening with both a chruch-y feel as well as a video game style arpeggiator. I like the contrast of the dronier and thicker tones with the bouncing arpeggiator (all arpeggiators bounce!!!) but to say this is experimental music is a tad weird. It’s presented entirely straightforwardly and is quite easy to ingest and enjoy as music. I’m not saying that music should be any particular thing but it should be described accurately. Hence it’s release on a fairly large indie label, Thrill Jockey.

@@@ Elias Moreno and Daniel Del Rio: Structures for Wave Field Analysis (N/A, 2022) Another record off Stereogum’s best experimental records of 2022. The recording consists of 6 structures and this first one is pretty active a lot of whooshing and glitching and percussive sounds in the mix. I can’t say I’m super engaged so let me peep the next track.The second track is much more mechanically themed, I like it. The third track is the most dynamic one I’ve heard up until this point. It’s got a sci fi monster feel to it. To be honest I like what’s here but I don’t think it’s particularly adventurous or unique in it’s structure or exectution.


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