Music for 1/20/23!!! Siv Jakobsen, Molly Payton

@@@ Siv Jakobsen: Gardening (Nordic Mellow, 2023) Some Scandinavian normie indie folk off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Outside of the vocal arrangements it’s pretty sparse but there are layers of voacl here. As the opener moves through its paces it does build in layers and sounds building to a climax I did not witness, I clicked through. This second tune, Romain’s Place, is more of a coffee shop adult alternative track. Chill drums, big feels in the vocals, this is most definitely for the white people out there. The big feeling out of touch white people. I think this is well done, it’s not my favorite jam and I liked the tunes where there is less.

@@@ Molly Payton: Do it the Same (Bug Records, 2022) Starts out as a retro grunge-y rocker and then slams a big ol’ modern pop vocal hook in the chorus over the crunch and the splashy drumming. There are some strings (?) in the back and a few vocal tracks with the result being an updtated grunge banger. I’m agnostic as I don’t love the vocals but in general it’s interesting to hear these melodies and this aproach over the big rock feels. I like the second track Handle much more, she shoulda put this ballad-y rough-ish nugget at the top of the EP, the formula works much better here.


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