Music for 1/12/23!!! Sam Sadigursky

@@@ Sam Sadigursky: The Solomon Diaries Vol 3 (Adhyaropa, 2022). I got to this jazz clarinet record via highbrow music critic Ted Gioia. I’m agnostic on Mr. Gioia’s likes and dislikes so that’s why we have to peep. I hear some klezmer-y feels and the smell of everything bagels is in the air on the opener. Instrumentation is accordion and clarinet and regular readers know that accordion is a go to for me. I also super love a fat tuba part. The vibe (at least on the opener) is chill, a bit bittersweet and melodic. I skipped to the second track as the first track is a 6 minute banger serving as a tablesetter for the rest of the record. I’m on to the second track which is peppier employing the same formula. I don’t know who is singing on the fourth track, or on the sample at the beginning of the fourth track, What You Learn Here but I believe the Jewish flavors floated to the top there like a matzoh ball in a big pot of boiling matzoh ball soup. I wish the clarinet had a little bit less reverb on it but it’s just a nit I’m picking and most bananaheads don’t even notice such thing. This record which I’m just grooving on while I do some other computer business is part of a three record cycle so I will have to get my peep on and check that out.


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