Music for 12/14/22!!! The Front Bottoms, The Prince Daddy and The Hyena

@@@ The Front Bottoms: the bongo song (Elektra, 2022) I saw these two bands listed at a Philly Show tweeted out by someone on the Twatter. This is a major label release so it’s gonna only go so far and this (the second track on the record) is a Violent Femmes type tuneful rocker but not as slack. Tighten up this is a major label. Big panned electric guitars widened out with a catchy (and classic) acoustic guitar strum. It’s a nice big sound and well executed. I’m checking out the third tune, Hello World, and this looks set to be an ironic cheese bomb. I fell off for a minute or half as I fell into a big lull because it was indeed a huge cheese bomb. God Bless America and the part of it that loves the cheese and needs the cheese. I’m not for the cheese.

@@@ Prince Daddy and the Hyena: I Forgot to Take My Meds (Pure Noise, 2022) I think it’s gonna be a send up as the record opens with a strong Beach Boys vibe. Big organ swell and stacked harmonies, here comes the noise. It lasts the whole song, the Beach Boys thing and then it gets into a rough melodic punk in the second time. Ramped up for sure and spillier guitars than what you usually encounter in this formula. The third tune Jesus Fucking Christ is a slower Superdrag flavored rocker. I like this tune most of the three I’ve sampled and think these guys are good candidates for a new Replacements type band.


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