Music for 12/7/22!!! Kojey Radical, Oliver Sim

@@@ Kojey Radical: Born (Warner Music UK, 2022) A coupla listens off the Guardian’s best of 22 50-41 releases. I’m looking at a bio of Mr. Radical and he’s British though I’m getting some African feels as well. That’s not mentioned in his bio. The sounds here are laidback funk/hip hop — smooth, goes down easy, maybe a tad softer than what I would prefer. Lots of guests on this album, I’m guessing all grime-y UK figures. His tone is very similar to Kendrick Lamar, a little gravelly, pleasant with some grit. I’m giving a quick listen to the second track Together and it is much closer to George Clinton than the video clipped below.

@@@ Oliver Sim: Hideous (N/A, 2022) Opens up with a chintzy drum machine beat followed by a deep voiced guy doing a slow burn spiel about his own personal ugliness hence the title Hideous. About 1:45 a second male singer comes in and he’s hideous too I guess. Then a string part, synth string I think to a slightly cranked up drum machine and we are in full emotional engagement mode. I give it props for being a different kind of drama banger but it’s not really my thing.


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