Music for 12/4/22!!! Boyhood

@@@ Boyhood: My Dread (Self released, 2022) I’m on the Gorilla Vs. Bear best of 2022 list and it’s part of my eternal search to understand find some indie rock I can deal with. This has some nice elements to it, though the drumming could use an upgrade. I like the guitars in this opening track and the rhythm section not so much. Let’s further peep, track 2! To say the singer could use a Red Bull would be an understatement. The slackness makes me sad and unmotivated. Track 3! The third track has a nice sparkly guitar part and the singer is celebrating her status as a loser and that’s the best of what I heard on this record. Start with track 3 and sink deep into low self-esteem from there. The third track is clipped below so you don’t even have to find it.


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