Music for 12/1/22!!! Blood Incantation, Rosalia

@@@ Blood Incantation: Timewave Zero (Stargate Research, 2022) This is a top metal record of the year if you believe the website Vulture. I’m not sure so I’m listening. I may have heard this earlier in the year as it has a distinctly dark ambient feel to it and I remember hearing a metal record like that earlier in the year. Yeah, I’m clicking through the first three tracks and I’m hearing dark ambient stuff and it’s okay but I’d rather hear a dark ambient smashed into metal feels to be honest. I’m guessing the composers of this list do not know of the plethora of great ambient music out there.

@@@ Rosalia: Motomami (Sony, 2022) Some Spanish language electro dancefloor banging off this Vulture list which I think I’m done with. It’s got a little Prince to it, some chanting/piled vocal hooks and I would like it more if it had a groove. Ooops that was quick and we’re onto a tinkly ballad thing. The next track, Diablo, is more fun with a stripped boombaton beat, some glitched/pitch shifted vocals and a clearer funk intention. I like the keyboard vamp, it’s awesome. There’s some creativity at work in this record for sure. I don’t think it’s a best of 2022 bomb for me but I recognize freshness even if it comes from a major label.


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