Music for 11/19/22!!! GloRilla, Latto

@@@ GloRilla: Nut Quick (Interscope, 2022) Mainstream female hip hop day here at Deep in the Music. This is some pretty disposable strip club hip hop and it’s a female dominating her males sitch here. Ms. GloRilla’s flow is okay, a bit lumpy in place and she does it all while a piano chord just bangs and bangs. Pun intended. It’s pretty average, high energy, not very interesting sounds, even the hook is pretty poorly executed. It’s a little difficult to believe these two releases here are by major labels, this is the kind of stuff that used to get sold out of the back of Buick trunks.

@@@ Latto: It’s Givin (RCA, 2022) Latto is similar but a bit more interesting musically when she starts the track. She’s more relaxed on the mic and the sounds are more interesting than GloRilla. I mean they’re not the most amazing sounds but they’re poppier and more ear catching. She really starts kicking it out around 1:25. She keeps using this phrase that sounds like ball speech, how could that be? No small toys, no broke toys. This is not the kind of record you can listen to over and over, it’s pretty disposable. Well done disposable business.

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