Music for 11/22/22!!! Davey Long, The Cool Greenhouse

@@@ Davey Long: Flesh and Blood (N/A, 2022) I got to this piano driven anthem via a music publicist in Ireland. It’s big rock, big piano rock. This is most definitely music for normies. I’m not a normie, I just came out differently but while this sentiment doesn’t super work for me, there are more normies than there are versions of me. Unfortunately. The vocal hook is that we’re all flesh and blood and we’re doing the best. I get the first part but some of us aren’t putting in much effort. This is for the suburban housewife Elton John fans and if they’re reading this here blog, have at it!

@@@ The Cool Greenhouse: Get Unjaded (Melodic, 2022) This artist is namechecked on this week’s Line of Best Fit and it’s related to the first track. We’re somewhat engaged in a battle of earnest vs. jaded, right? This is an art school nerd punk jam with spoken word vocals, circular simple and aggro guitar cycling and rock drumming. I don’t usually love the art school business but this is all right. I like the Captain Beefheart-esque dissonant guitars, the singer I’m agnostic on, and the vibe is cool, not jump up and down but cool. I like the second tune Sod’s Toastie the best of what I heard.


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