Music for 11/21/22!!! Weyes Blood, Fleshwater

@@@ Weyes Blood: Children of the Empire (Sub Pop, 2022) Two listens this morning off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums on Pitchfork. My first impression is that this is a less trick version of Joni Mitchell formulas and vibes. 70s feels delivered in faded rock format, piano driven. I had to click out of that track when it came to the fingersnaps and the tambourine but that’s on me, not on the artist. The next track, Grapevine, is an acoustic guitar track. The full band comes in and it gets big and swirly. I like it, I don’t love it but it’s all right. I could use a bit more energy from the singer and more contrast from the band.

@@@ Fleshwater: The Razor’s Apple (Cloased Casket Archives, 2022) This is the third track on the record and it’s a big rockin’ sound, up in yer face with a female singer, big guitars etc. I’ve switched it out to the first track to see if I cans get some feelings from this — this is a musical formula that’s well worn but I think it’s okay to want a bit more from it. Big rock has been done, if you want me to check out yer slightly grungey big rock hit me with some freshness. I like the drummer but I could use more chaos from the guitar player and the whole outfit. Lose yer shit, I always dig that.


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