Music for 11/16/22!!! Slavo Rican Assembly, Liraz

@@@ Slavo Rican Assembly: Thunderbadger (Riverboat Records, 2022) Both of today’s listens are off this week’s WRIR playlist email. This is the fourth track and I haven’t heard a record get so close to classic Parliament feels as this record does in quite a while. It’s not light funk, it’s not quite as deep and black as the original but it’s thick. They take the Parliament undercarriage and put some sax on top and then a piano solo so it’s a stew — not just funk, but Meters’ style funk/strut, and jazz. Lemme peep a coupla other tracks but damn nice piano solo. I’m checking out track 2, it’s called Zrejilo Je Zito, and from the title of the outfit I’m thinking this is a mixed group. This second track puts a smooth female vocalist on top of some bubbling funk. It’s definitely a full on mashup of different sounds, I’m not sure how I feel off the bat, but I’m starring the record and will peep it when I have more time. I love the rhythm section, dig the pianist, and am agnostic on the sax player and the vocalist but I could be convinced. They’re definitely getting their freak on and I respect that.

@@@ Liraz: Roya (Glitterbeat, 2022) I dig the Glitterbeat imprint as they put out some really stuff and these guys come hopping out of the gate with a rocking electric number and a female singer kicking ass and taking names. Not flashy or diva but right there in the mix. Lemme Googlepimp these guys to see where they’re from, I’m guessing Turkey. Turkey, Israel and Iran. Let’s peep some more — this is popping. This second track, Azizam is blazing, great overarching Middle Eastern melodies, tight rhythm section and just a lot of energy and spot on playing. I’m going to circle back on this but these guys have it going on. Firing on all cylinders. Great drummer here, super flavorful.


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