Music for 11/8/22!!!! Connie Constance, Caity Baser

@@@ Connie Constance: Hurt You (Play it Again Sam, 2022) Two listens off this week’s Line of Best fit email. Slotted as alternative on Apple Music this tracks opens very pop rock with a big crushed drum sound and a rock bass pumping under Constance’s voice. No grunge guitar it’s more of an ’80s sound and no big guitars though we haven’t hit the chorus. This is the way, this is the way that I hurt you. Think Duran Duran but female powered. It’s very manicured and structured which works for a lot of people but less so for me. I’m giving a quick peep to track 5 Mood Hoover because it’s got a nice title. I like this track more than the one clipped below. In the end I like a shitty well whipped and this whips no shitty.

@@@ Caity Baser: X&Y (EMI, 2022) Major label pop music with the vocal hook you’re not my X, you’re my Y. Oy, this track is structured similarly to the track up top but Ms. Constance doesn’t traffic in the cheese that this young lady does. It’s even got a whistle solo. It’s more the junior high lyrics that annoy me. This is a waste of time, some drums, a fat panned bass, and then her. No soul, just sass, and some time I will never get back.


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