Music for 11/6/22!!! Cakes Da Killa

@@@ Cakes Da Killa: Svengali (Young Art, 2022) Slotted as electronic music on the Apple it’s a mash of drum ‘n bass, hip hop and r&b. Which all slots under the umbrella of electronic music. The sounds are interesting, more interesting than most hip hop tracks, his rhymes are loverboy MC style, not soft but not super hard/XXX rated. I’m finding the sounds much more compelling than his lyrics. This third track, clipped below, slaps pretty good, there’s a sample in that is quite ear catching. And the beat as well. I don’t think I’m going to check out more of this record but maybe put the title track on a playlist or something. The vocal hook ‘I know you’re touching me but are you feeling me’ is a wicked hook. Very rare.


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