Music for 10/31/22!!! Meat Wave, Hagop Tchaparian

@@@ Meat Wave: 10k (Swami, 2022) I thought this was gonna come out hardcore as the word meat usually is used by hardcore punk bands. This is post rock with a dash of prog, rock drums not metal, a singer you can understand and a reasonable tempo where you’re not having your brains bashed in. It’s a bit of a snoozer and later in the album so I’m going to check out one of the starred tunes for my listening pleasure. I like it, there’s not much here besides the energy and I could use something to really pull me into the track. I do like the guitars but I need more.

@@@ Hagop Tchaparian: Right to Riot (Text Records, 2022) Electronic music I got to via Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed records of the week. This banger opens up with some hand drumming, quite energetic to break the steady 4 on the floor feels. It’s got some un American sounds like the hand drumming and a Middle Eastern (I think) horn that also sounds like a kazoo. I forget what that shit is called. I dig the in your faceness of the track but I could use more melody and contrast to the aggro. Much as the last listen I exited the track before its completion to check out one of the starred tracks. This one called Escape I feel much more. At least the beginning. I think Tchaparian excels at setting the table but needs to work on serving the whole meal and not just the appetizer.

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