Music for 10/25/22!!!! Palm, Courtney Marie Andrews

@@@ Palm: Nicks and Grazes (Saddle Creek, 2022) I’m listening bottom to top so this is my second listen of the day but the Saddle Creek label traffics in business similar to Courtney Marie Andrews’ music though this opening track is a crunchy slightly Beatles-y style rock. I’m on the second track now and it’s an interesting blend of dance rock with plenty of crunch on top of the synth bass and the smashed drum sound. I like the female singer as she’s a big contrast to the other sounds going on, the drums especially. I’m a bit shocked but this is a rare example of indie music that I don’t hate — I don’t love it or want to jump up and down but it’s definitely more interesting than a massive chunk of indie music out there. It’s got an interesting blend of sounds and a weird energy that indie music promises but most often doesn’t deliver on. Start with the third tune Parable Lickers and go from there.

@@@ Courtney Marie Andrews: Loose Future (Fat Possum, 2022) I follow folks on Twitter who think this artist is some cross between Jesus and the Beatles. She is slotted as Americana on Apple Music but this opening track on the record is an uplifting indie/alt country blend. By the time the full band comes in it’s pretty much an adult alternative track. No feelings hurt here that’s for sure. Smooth business. There’s not much to love here sonically except maybe a bit of the slide guitar which is the only real country music influence. The vocal hook is hard to hear, loose future if you want to ride with me. It’s okay, it’s not knocking me out but nothing here is desinged to knock you out. It’s not that it’s bad music there’s just not much passion.


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