Music for 10/17/22!!! Gilla Band, Lucrecia Dalt

@@@ Gilla Band: Post Ryan (Rough Trade, 2022) A couple of listens off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums at Pitchfork email. The video below is the last track on the album and it opens up with a big wedge of hum/static and noise. Then a classic rock beat, then a No Wave singer, and then a slowdown. The drop away to just some sound in the chorus is pretty unexpected. I like the arrangement, the singer less so, but the arrangement is fresh. Lemme peep another track. Oh Lord they bring in a psycho electric guitar strum and I feel that. I switched over to the opening track, it’s the starred one on Apple Music and it looks set to be another industrial noise/rock mashup. All right-y then I’m on the third track I’ve listened to and I maintain my previous opinion.

@@@ Lucrecia Dalt: Dicen (RVNG, 2022) This is my kind of shit, where an artist takes some abstract electronic music and smashes it into traditional forms, in this case Central and South American dance forms such as the bolero and the tango. I really like albums like this that sorta bath you in all manner of sounds but not all boozhy and high end just for folks with jobs. This is a rare record that can work for both normies and freaks like me. Interesting normies, not you bologna and wonderbread motherfuckers. To conclude, check this out, there’s creativity here, great sounds, freshness, you know everything you would want in a felafel sandwich.


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