Music for 10/15/22!!! Skullcrusher, The Big Moon

@@@ Skullcrusher: Quiet the Room (Secretly Canadian, 2022) A coupla listens from this week’s Line of Best Fit. Secretly Canadian is the big indie mucky muck with a lot of fingers in the pie so having your indie music come out with Secretly is a pretty big deal. Ooooh big layers of mope, many layers of long tone singing over strummed acoustic guitar. Lots of reverb and a bit too snoozy for me. I’ve skipped to the second track and the tempo is firmer, there’s a field recording type sample and the same vocal style. Track 3 sees a beat (if only a kick drum anchoring more strumming) and I’m going to tip out now as this is really not for me. Too sleepy, too dreamy, too mope-y.

@@@ The Big Moon: Trouble (UMG, 2022) Major lable indie/mainstream rock. Opens with thick and simple bassline then comes the female singer with a medium length melody, then some jangled guitar behind that. There you have it, quiet in the verse bust it out in the chorus with the distortion pedal and a faster tempo. I think she should have bypassed stacking the vocals in the chorus and just made them more rhythmically interesting. I didn’t really notice what the lyrics were which is never a great sign. Trouble don’t last forever doesn’t work for me as a super memorable vocal hook.


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