Music for 10/13/22!!! Conjunteria Silbado, La Femme

@@@ Conjunto Ingeniaria: Mambo Silbado (El Palmas, 2022). I can’t tell if this is a reissue or a new recording made in the old school style (I think it’s a reissue) but this is the old school soulful Latin music. Blazing horns, tons of rhythm tucked underneath the mix, some janky guitar, two minutes of Latin gunpowder complete with a section with whistling. Strong and awesome vibe here.

@@@ La Femme: Y tu te vas (Disque Pointu, 2022) A dramatical blend of rock sounds, Spanish sounds, and big ass production. I did a little searching and these guys are out of France, I’ve not heard of them before but I think they’re a medium sized big deal. I don’t know if this song is typical for what they do as it’s a pre-release track. I like the cycling flute type patch or actual woodwind and overall the feeling here is theatrical, it’s mad dramas here. I like the singer and I like the arrangement, some of the sounds less so. I’m giving the other pre-release track a quickie, it has a flute as well. More lyrics in Spanish and more drama mixed with art school.

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