Music for 11/12/22!!! TSHA, Charlie Puth

@@@ TSHA: Running (Ninja Tune, 2022) This is slotted as electronic music but it opens with an insistent guitar vamp that gets some panned out wide wooden sticks added, then a tambourine and a diva sample. It’s pretty unique and I hope it holds up for the whole track. Dramatical but not crazy cheesy, this is mainstream music you can kinda get with because it’s not over the top. It’s got the classic four on the floor and the diva samples but it’s got some sectioning going on, the guitar drops out with just the rhythm, the rhythm drops out in places and then the guitar and the rhythm come back to take you out. I’m giving a quick peep to Track 2 The Light and it’s got the same funky and focused arrangement style. Oh shit they got a steel drum up in this banger, you can’t fuck with that. I’m going to circle back on this record as the two tracks I’ve checked out have been pretty hot.

@@@ Charlie Puth: Loser (Atlantic, 2022) Maybe from the hat I thought Puth was a sexy new country dude but he’s more than just that, he’s a mainstream hottie and you get a big electro pop biscuit when you tune into this track. He doesn’t have that goofy likability of Ed Sheeran, he’s more of a sexy thing. Musically it’s pretty derivative stuff, a bit of funk but not too much for the suburban shopping mall young women out there. Lyrically, it’s just as derivative. To me this is pretty meaningless business and not worth anybody’s time.

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