Music for 10/9/22!!! Freddie Gibbs, Willow Smith

@@@ Freddie Gibbs: Dark Hearted ( , 2022). I got to this record via Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed records of the week. The first track is some bloated, overly dramatical Rocky boxing movie type track, oy, it’s a got a stale hip hop flavor and I have dug Freddie Gibbs business in the not so recent past. I’m giving a quick listen to the second track Blackest in the Room and it’s not the rhyming I object to, it’s the lounge-y sounds and the cheesy sounds in other places though in the second half of the track the sounds change. I like it more as the album continues but the sounds aren’t particularly interesting and engaging.

@@@ Willow Smith: WILLOW (Roc Nation, 2022). I think overstuffed is my first reaction to the opening track of this record. It’s very committed to a lot. The question isn’t settled as to how much is too much or just right. I do know if the song feels long and I’m checking to see how much is left that’s not a good sign. It jumps from indie to emo punk with metal flavors and then back to mainstream rock, oy. I like smashing shit together so I don’t protest that aspect of that record, but I’m listening to it as something put together and not really listening to it as music and enjoying it. It seems pretty self concious. I do give respect to her for the energy, she’s putting it out there for sure.


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