Music for 9/29/22!!! Ondara, Deathprod

@@@ Ondara: An Alien in Minneapolis (Verve, 2022) I got to this record and the one below via this week’s All Music notable release email. The record opens up epic with a soaring voice and a climbing all over itself arpeggiated synth, well more than one by the time I’m done typing this. Oh shit, this is so friendly this will make your teeth hurt. It seems to want to aspire to be super American, a lightly strummed guitar chord, and some big vocal melodies. I don’t know where to place this record genre wise. Life is strange as Ondara is a 30 year old dude from Kenya and as I hear it he wrote a bunch of mainstream Springsteen type songs with high production and a commitment to big rock that I haven’t heard in a bit. Happy big rock, that’s what we got here. Weird. I think there’s a lot of people with good paying jobs who shower regularly who might like to enjoy this pass by but it ain’t me babe, it ain’t me.

@@@ Deathprod: IO (Smalltown Supersound, 2022) I got to this wee bit dissonant sitch also via All Music. Lots of zither/harpsichord-y strings and a horror movie sound in the back, a metallic howl/wail that really drags down the bouncing string sound. I’m not sure I like it or dislike it, but it’s jarring. I’ve checked out snippets of the second track and am checking out the third and they all have different feels but the same sounds. When I google deathprod he comes up with pics of him playing electric guitar though to my ears he’s not really rocking an electric guitar sound, it sounds more like a prepared piano thing. I like it, I don’t want to listen to a whole record of it but I like it.


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