Music for 9/22/22!!! Sonido Berzerk, Sampa the Great, Edson Natale

@@@ Sonido Berzerk: Oggun EP (Ten Toes Turbo, 20) I found this electronic musician working out of Mexico City via this week’s Cracked Magazine email. This is not Mr. Berzerk’s most recent work but it’s stylish and an urgent dancefloor vibe. He gets into it rhythmically and adds some world-y percussion to what’s already cooking. I’ve been checking out snippet of the five tracks on this EP and he’s got it going on. I would start with the opener Oshun and go from there. The fusion of drum machine beats and either hand percussion or hand drummy type samples really works for me. The layering is really well done.

@@@ EDSON NATALE: A Egipcia E O Mecanico (Horus, 2022) I got to this record via this week’s WRIR playlist email. It’s by a half Egyptian/half Brazilian gent who got obsessed with Brazilian music. The track below is notable for its guitar playing, some trick horn arrangements and a brisk but pretty minimal rhythm. It’s produced pretty slickly which is usually a problem for me but I dig the playing and the arrangement here. I’m no expert on Brazilian music but his take here is a bit different and I like it. I would say it’s more as Brazilian music with a twist rather than a big reinvention.

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