Music for 9/20/22!!!! Bent Arcana, Blaqk Audio

@@@ Bent Arcana: Live Zebulon (Castle Face, 2022) This is an improvising group coming at it from the rock side, which means they’re not jazz cats but they’re trying. I’m listening to a track called The Gate, it’s a 10 minute banger, and it’s a funky rock drum beat with some jazz fusion sauce on top. It’s pretty expected. I’m giving a shout to another track, it’s called Outre Sorcellerie, anchored by a hand drum, some electro whipping about that I like and some sax playing. This is more interesting but the electric bass sorta shallows it a bit. There are some weird ass vocals and I like that. This lives in the land between love and hate. For me at least.

@@@ Blaqk Audio: Sharp Teeth (BlaqNoise Music, 2022) This opens with some straight up Madonna butter sauce, meaning heavily ’80s sounds. On an unrelated note did folks out there see how Madonna is still mad horny? That’s cool. To be honest I thought with the band name Blaqk Audio this was going to be some super spaceship r&b music from a black outfit but it’s a buncha white dudes doin’ a krautrock thing. I can be flexible. I’m now checking out the track softbitten, track 2, and I guess my feeling is I don’t know why this synth rock formula has to be resurrected. This has an updated ’80s sound and it’s impressively polished and produced but this is not aimed at me. The singer is quite not my cup of tea.

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