Music for 9/19/22!!! Rina Sawayama, No Age

@@@ Rina Sawayama: Hurricanes (Dirty Hit, 2022) I’m predicting this is gonna be some art school nonense, faux sophisticated stuff. Oy, it’s mainstream epic electro pop with no art school in sight, except for the lyrics a bit. Anything that’s not Miley Cyrus or roaring Katy Perry is gonna come across as high IQ, that’s how low we’ve sunk. RIP America. Big straight rock beat with occasional EDM blasting. Sawayama’s voals are not super cheesy, though it’s about to pop off in the chorus as it does get a bit mozzarella-esque. Pretty standard guitar solo here, and that’s my main problem with pop music, sometimes you gotta put a little freak up in your pop music, otherwise it’s a full mayo and wonder bread sandwich. Not my thang.

@@@ No Age: Andy Helping Andy (Drag City, 2022) I think I got to today’s listens via the All Music notable release email. This is a rock/electro/ambient track, at least that’s what the opening tells me. A big guitar cloud, a thumping kick drum and some glitchy percussion. Ooh, a bit of drum machine (snare). I like the rhythmic arrangement here, the big cloud sauce on top less so, I could use a bit more flavor in the sauce. I can see from the blurb on Apple Music that these guys are long running indie stalwarts, as their label is as well. It’s arty, it’s indie, it’s meh!

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